Computer Posture

Computer Desk

The new school year is now upon us and with it children are vying for computer time to complete their homework. An improperly designed work area may cause problems for your child. Poor posture can distract your child from doing the homework, and train the spine for back pain later in life. This guide will help you set up their workstation so they maintain (or develop) a healthy posture.

The chair:
Position the chair so that the feet are planted flat on the ground with the knees bent at a 90° angle. The chair back should lean back slightly, and the arm rests should be adjusted low enough so they do not interfere with typing. Use a cushion for lower back support and adjust the sitting position regularly.
The keyboard:
The keyboard should be centered in front of the body. Have your child relax the shoulders and bend the elbows so that the hands when placed on the keyboard are slightly higher than the elbows. If necessary raise the back of the keyboard so the wrists are straight.
The monitor:
The monitor should be centered above the keyboard at arm’s length with the top of the screen about 2 inches above the eyeline. If your child wears bifocals, place the monitor lower so that the head does not tilt up to read the screen.

If your child complains of muscle aches and headaches, poor posture may be the cause. Call us at 702-878-0056 to schedule an appointment and get your child feeling better right away.