Dreaming of a Better Night's Sleep?

One of the top ten things people wished they had more of is sleep. When Daylight Saving Time ends on November 5, people throughout much of the United States will get the gift of one more hour of sleep. That extra hour will be wasted for those who cannot get a restful night's sleep. The following scenarios can help you identify what is preventing you from getting the recuperative rest you need and waking up refreshed.

Tossing and Turning

Hard mattresses are a great option for providing the support your back needs to recover from prolonged sessions of sitting and standing. The problem is their unyielding support often becomes uncomfortable after a few minutes. Blood flow can be restricted to parts of your body getting the support from your mattress. Your body responds by moving into a position that allows blood to flow again to those spots. The cycle continues throughout the night of you tossing and turning. You are unable to maintain a good pattern of REM sleep, and therefore wake up rest-less and irritable.

My Achy Breaky Back

Soft mattresses have their own problems. While they might feel really comfortable when you first lie down on them, they don't offer the support your back needs. The next morning, you can wake up stiff and achy. Who wants to start their day in that kind of pain?

Misery Loves Company

Whether your sleep partner is human or animal, they are sleeping on the same mattress as you. The tossing and turning that you are doing, they are also doing. When your partner adjusts their body, you wake up slightly from that movement, which further interrupts your sleep.

The Intellibed

Drs. John and Kate Gerber have discovered a mattress that provides the support and comfort you need to get a good night's sleep. You can get the full deep REM cycles your body needs to heal itself so you can wake up rested and refreshed. The Intellibed uses a gel matrix that provides the cushioning around your hips and joints, while providing support for keeping your spine perfectly aligned. People with sleep disorders, back pain and fibromyalgia have reported getting a better night's sleep on an Intellibed mattress.

You can order the Intellibed mattress through Gerber Chiropractic. We can help you select the mattress style to fit your needs. You can also order it online through Intellibed.com. Use discount code drjohngerber for a 10% discount off of your order.