Expecting Relief from Pregnancy Aches and Pains

The promise of bringing another human being into the world is a beautiful part of life. There are hopes and dreams of raising a child to become an independent adult. Along the way the child will have ups and downs and you'll be there to be the guide and ensure the journey is a positive one.
You are creating the first step in this future person's life. Everything you do has to be right, because any mistake could lead to disastrous results. At least that is what it feels like at first. That "everything" encompasses the fetus, the mother, everyone in the household. The mother bears the burden in pregnancy, so getting it right means taking good care of the mother.
As the fetus grows inside the mother, her center of gravity quickly changes, causing pressure on the low back and hips. This problem is easily corrected with mild spinal manipulation.
Gerber Chiropractic has the proper equipment for our pregnant patients. We have special form-fitting pillows with adjustable indentations to accommodate the progression of your pregnancy. When it is too difficult to lie flat on our adjustment table, we can raise it up vertically and ease you down in our motorized adjustment table for your session. We take special care of our pregnant patients, and would love to make your pregnancy easier through regular adjustments.

Pregnant mothers: To schedule your adjustment, call Gerber Chiropractic (702) 878-0056.