Motorized Table Makes Chiro Care Easier

Motorized Adjustment Table

When back pain gets so severe it is difficult get into or out of bed, most people reach for a bottle of pain medication for temporary relief. Pain medication only masks the symptoms; they don't treat the cause of the pain. As the efficacy of these drugs diminishes, you may need to take more pills or a stronger dose to mask the pain again. This pain management strategy can be very toxic to your body.

Chiropractic care can help bring relief to back pain by returning the spine to its proper form. When the bones are in correct alignment the nerves are no longer painfully pinched, and you can start feeling better again. Regular adjustments help train your back muscles to maintain your spine's optimal alignment.

When you suffer from acute back pain, starting a treatment plan might be the toughest step in the process of getting better. Gerber Chiropractic has a number of aids that make it easier to get adjusted. One of them is a motorized adjustment table that helps people who have difficulty getting onto or off of a horizontally-positioned table. It lifts up vertically so you can get on it while standing, then gently sets you down horizontally for your adjustment. After the adjustment the table can lift up again to a standing position so you can walk out of our office with minimal effort.

Watch this video to see how this device can help you get the proper back care you need. Don't let severe back pain limit you. Call (702) 878-0056 to schedule an appointment today.

For more information on this motorized adjustment table and other aids for special needs patients, visit our Special Needs page.