A Painful Reminder to Care of Yourself During Thanksgiving

Sharing time with family and friends during Thanksgiving often puts us in a state of overdrive. When planning your festivities, keep in mind this story of (let's call her Jodi):

Jodi invited her extended family to her new home in Las Vegas for the holidays. Planning, decorating, cleaning, and preparing the meals was a lot of work, but Jodi wanted to show her family a good time. For three days, she and her husband entertained her family and fed them, all while the family had their every need tended to them. After the last relative was driven to the airport, Jodi and her husband settled into their couch. Jodi put her feet up on an ottoman, and immediately experienced an intense pain in her lower back. A herniated disc had immobilized her.

A herniated disc is when a part of the disc between vertebrae ruptures and the disc protrudes through the rupture and can press against the nerves in the spinal column. With this kind of herniation there are typically two options: Adjusting the spine so the disc can return to its proper position, or surgery to cut off the piece of erupted disc.

Treatment for Jodi involved a great deal of chiropractic spinal decompression. It is a process that stretches the spine. With more room between vertebrae bones the fluid in the hernia had an opportunity to return to the disc. When the hernia dissipated, Jodi was shown physical therapy to strengthen the back muscles that hold the vertebrae in place. She was able to eliminate her back pain without the need for surgery or prescription pain medication.

What can we learn about Jodi's experience with her family visiting her?

One takeaway is to delegate tasks. Sharing work among more people at a gathering takes the physical burden off of you, gives the attendees purpose, and creates a bonding experience of people working towards a common goal.

Another lesson is that with a strong core of muscles keeping the back in alignment, the less jarring physical work is to the vertebrae. Regular exercise on stability balls and simple exercises that flex the spine in natural movements all help the muscles in the back share the burden of a body at work.

Chiropractic care is a viable alternative to surgery and prescription pain medication. Regular chiropractic tune-ups can ensure the joints throughout your body are working as designed and can mitigate degenerative bone disease.

Stress has a debilitating impact on your health. Injuries from stress are your body's way of putting on the emergency brake so you can use the time to recuperate. You can prevent this painful lesson by relaxing, getting a massage or just plain taking it easy from time to time.

You may have found other lessons from Jodi's example that can benefit you. Gerber Chiropractic wishes you and your family a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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