Spine Health During Pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is very common. More than half of pregnant women experience it. These days, women are more cautious about taking pain medication during pregnancy. There are other options.

Back pain usually starts in the second trimester. It can occur in the lumbar or lower back area. This pain is similar to lower back pain when you are not pregnant. Typically, lower back pain in pregnant women occurs as the baby grows in the mother's womb, the mother's belly protrudes and her lower back will start to "sway in" a bit. As the baby gets bigger this change in her pelvis gets more pronounced. It puts stress on the structures in the low back, which can cause pain. As with regular lumbar back pain, chiropractic care and back strengthening exercises can alleviate or reduce the intensity of pain.

Another type of back pain is pain that starts in the low back region but extends down into your buttock, or down into the back of your thigh. This is called sciatica and can become severe if not treated appropriately. The stress in the lower back is affecting the nerves coming out of the low back region and it needs to be relieved as soon as possible. Chiropractic care is essential to alleviate this situation.

Dr. Kate has undergone post graduate education in treating pregnant women safely and painlessly. She has treated many pregnant women with health concerns with no issues to the mother or baby whatsoever. And the mother can feel secure in knowing her baby is not being harmed by possible medicine that she ingests.

It is important to get examined by your chiropractor during pregnancy. Doing so can help reduce or eliminate your back pain.