Spine Health for Seniors

As we age, parts of our body deteriorate. When it comes to the spine deteriorating, it can create considerable pain for the senior. The media has trained us that when we experience pain to grab a bottle of pain reliever pills and start taking them. However, this medicine only masks the pain. It doesn't treat the root cause, so you have to continue to take the pills. The best way to treat the pain is to fix the source of the pain.

An aging rubber band, when it dries out, loses its stretchiness and flexibility after a few months. Similarly the discs between the joints in the spine lose their cushioning and flexibility over decades. Over time, the discs lose water, they get thinner and reduce the disc's ability to act as shock absorbers for the spine. Eventually the bones on either side of the deteriorated discs will start rubbing against each other. When this happens, the bones will wear down or chip, and cause intense pain.

Chiropractic care can help alleviate back pain and restore some flexibility to the cushioning discs. Gerber Chiropractic can diagnose degenerative disc disease (DDD) and provide the proper treatment for the patient's condition. Treatment may involve specific spinal manipulation to put the spine into proper alignment. There is often a course of physical therapy to train the muscles in the back to keep the spine aligned. Treatment may include massaging tight muscles that are pulling the spine out of place. Gerber Chiropractic also has a machine that can stretch the spine and alleviate the stress on the back.

DDD is a long and slow process. The earlier you seek treatment, the less severe it is in years to come.