Ways To Stay Healthy in the Heat

There is no doubt that summer is upon us. During these hot days, there is a tendency to stay inside, stay seated at the computer desk or couch, and stay as motionless as possible. Any kind of exertion will only raise the body temperature. It is this sedentary, motionless lifestyle that will wreak havoc on the back.

Staying in a seated position for great lengths of time will not give the back the flexing it was designed to do, and needs to do. At least every hour, get up and walk around. Use these breaks to go to the kitchen and grab a healthy snack or a glass of refreshing water. Healthy snacks, like fresh fruit or sliced vegetables, will keep you hydrated while providing you with the nutrients your body craves.

When our body gets used to being sedentary, it starts to slow the metabolism. We burn fewer calories, yet may still consume the same number of calories. This situation is a recipe for weight gain. The more excess weight we carry, especially around the waistband, the greater the strain is on your back.

Exercise will keep your metabolism high, but without tripling your air conditioning bill or risking heat stroke outside, it seems like the options are limited. A great summer exercise is swimming. It keeps the body cool as you swim. Your movement in the water provides less impact to your joints than exercise machines. It is a very relaxing activity that the whole family can enjoy.

If your preferred exercise is running or biking, work out in the early morning hours. There are fewer cars on the road producing less pollution, and it is the coolest time of the day.