Car Accidents

Car accidents don't have to put you in the hospital for you to be injured.

One of our patients came to us with sever pain in her back. We ran some X-rays but could not find anything that would cause her level of pain. She hadn't been in any recent accidents. Through additional questioning, we found out that about forty years ago she had been in a terrible accident. The safety requirements of vehicles in the 70s were not up to our current standards. During the accident, the car door flung open and she fell halfway out of the car, injuring herself against the door frame. She was not hospitalized, and after a few days, her back started feeling better.

Forty years later that injury flared up with a vengeance. She was in such acute pain that a manual adjustment could not be done. We applied a warm compress on the affected area to relax the muscles and placed her on a mechanical bench that gently massaged her spine. After several treatments, we were able to get her to the point where a manual adjustment could be performed. Today, she is feeling much better and much more mobile now that we had treated a forty-year-old injury.

Car accidents do not have to be significant to cause major damage to your body. Even small fender benders can be jarring enough to place your joints out of alignment. Don't wait for your auto insurance company to request a medical report of your condition. After any accident, please see us so we can treat any injuries that might have occurred.