Improved Nerve Communication

Electrical spark

When your back is out of alignment, the nerves can get pinched, and the signals to and from the brain can be diminished or completely interrupted. We can help align your back to keep the communication along your spine moving to its best ability. Here are some tips that you can do to keep your back in great shape:

Let your spine fully rest while sleeping
Choose a bed that allows your spine to be perfectly straight when lying on your side. A well-rested spine will be able to support you better in the day.
Use proper footwear
Whether for casual walking or vigorous exercise, the choice of shoes will affect your back. Choose shoes that provide adequate support for the activity you are doing. They should be comfortable and flexible. Use a foot insert, if needed, to provide additional support.
Treat yourself to a massage
A therapeutic massage can help to relax your muscles, decrease tension, increase blood flow, and release more feel-good endorphins into your system. Regular massages can help boost the body, mind and spirit.
Use better posture
While standing or sitting, good posture will help keep your back in its ideal alignment. Periodically check your posture throughout the day. With your head pointed straight ahead, roll your shoulders back, stick out your chest, flex your abs, and push your butt back slightly. Reducing the fat around your abdomen will also help you to maintain better posture. We can also help you obtain your ideal body weight so your spine is not overburdened.
Exercise your core
While heading to the gym can be a major accomplishment, let's increase the value of your workouts. Try a light weight lifting routine on a stability ball. You will be forced to keep your abs and back tight during the sets so you can stay on the ball. Strengthening your core will give your back muscles the strength they need to keep your back in better alignment.