Relief with Better Sleep

What if you walked around with a crooked back for 8 hours. You would have serious back pain.

Sleep time is healing time. While you are asleep, your body heals your organs, joints, and muscles. In order to recuperate, you must have good, deep sleep.

Within the first two years, foam mattresses sag up to 25%

The proper sleep position is lying on the side with a pillow tucked between the legs. There should be a straight line down the spine. Soft and sagging mattresses are detrimental to the effectiveness of our sleep. The neck and hips overextend as our bodies form to the shape of the mattress. The muscles can no longer relax as some of them are stretched in the misalignment. You toss and turn during sleep, disrupting the healing process. When you wake up you feel groggy, and are tired throughout the day.

Foam mattresses can emit toxins

A regular mattress is steeped in toxic chemicals, including the preservative formaldehyde, boric acid (what is used to kill cockroaches), antimony (similar to arsenic), and the fire retardant polybrominated diphenyl ethers. Your typical foam mattress continually releases these toxins for years. They are linked to asthma, allergies, neurological disorders, SIDS, reproductive problems, thyroid disruption, and various forms of cancer.

There are better mattresses

Gerber Chiropractic recommends the Intellibed. This mattress is made by food-grade mineral oil. Typical spring or memory foam mattresses increase resistance the more pressure is placed on it, which is transferred to your body. When enough pressure is applied to the Intellibed gel walls, they buckle and drop surface pressure. The result is a deeper, more restful sleep.